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Classic Detective Stories. Free Audiobook

Classic Detective Stories. Free Audiobook

  • Nivel educativo: Educación Secundaria
  • Materia: Inglés
  • MCE:


  • Autores: A. C. Doyle, Ch. Dickens, C. Rook, G. K. Chesterto...
  • ISBN/EAN: 9788431697051
  • Páginas: 128+CD
  • Tamaño: 14,7 X 21 cm
  • Colección:Black Cat. Reading and training
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    A. Conan Doyle et al.

    Retold by Joshua Anderson
    Activities by Frederick Garland


    Sherlock Holmes battles against a criminal organisation in Conan Doyle?s ?The Five Orange Pips?; in Charles Dickens? ?Hunted Down? a ruthless murderer is brought to justice; in ?The Stir Outside the Café Royal? by Clarence Rook an American woman tracks down her fiancé?s killer; and in G. K. Chesterton?s ?The Oracle of the Dog? Father Brown solves a difficult murder case.

    English Detective Fiction

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