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Festivals and Food. Book + CD

Festivals and Food. Book + CD

  • Nivel educativo: Educación Secundaria
  • Materia: Inglés
  • MCE:


  • Autores: G. Breccia, R. Accorroni, M. Hornett, M. Agostinel...
  • ISBN/EAN: 9788877545497
  • Páginas: 64
  • Tamaño: 19,5x26,5 cm
  • Colección:Cideb. Gb. English-speaking wordl
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    Breccia, Accoroni, Hornett, Agostinelli

    Festivals and Food is a book on British language and culture, created specifically for young adolescents. Festivals and Food includes several festivals in the English speaking world as well as some of the more traditional foods found in various countries.

    Festivals and Food features:
    - Reader-friendly language, appropriate for young adolescents at elementary level;
    - A broad variety of interactive educational material;
    - Cross-curricular activities;
    - Use of the web;
    - Innovative group projects and activities;
    - Vocabulary development that enhances the students' knowledge of the English language;
    - A useful four-language glossary (Italian, French, Spanish, German);
    - The accompanying CD includes a recording of the text, listening activities, and a Christmas carol.


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