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Wicked and humorous Tales. Book + CD

Wicked and humorous Tales. Book + CD

  • Nivel educativo: Educación Secundaria
  • Materia: Inglés
  • MCE:


  • Autores: Saki
  • ISBN/EAN: 9788853001405
  • Páginas: 128 + CD
  • Tamaño: 14,8 x 21 cm
  • Colección:Black Cat. Reading and training
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    Retold by Kenneth Brodey

    Humour & comedy

    A dramatic intrusion ends a long family feud, a man is strangely influenced by his pets, a cat brings scandal to British society and a little boy battles to enjoy life with the help of his own personal god.
    These are just a few of the amazing stories created by Hector Hugh Munro, alias master short-story teller Saki, ex-journalist who turned to writing satirical tales.

    Writers and the First World War

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