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Power and Ambition in Shakespeare. Book + CD

Power and Ambition in Shakespeare. Book + CD

  • Nivel educativo: Educación Secundaria
  • Materia: Inglés
  • MCE:


  • Autores: W. Shakespeare
  • ISBN/EAN: 9788853012104
  • Páginas: 111
  • Tamaño: 16,7 X 24 cm
  • Colección:Black Cat. Reading and training
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    William Shakespeare
    Adapted by Jane Elizabeth Cammack


    A power-hungry Richard III, a remorseful Macbeth, a revengeful Prince Hamlet, a powerful Julius Caesar, and a ruthless and ambitious King Henry V: various aspects of power and ambition feature in these five stories based on plays by William Shakespeare.

    William Shakespeare 1564-1616
    Ghosts, Witches and Revenge-The dark side of Shakespeare's plays
    The Influence on Shakespeare?s Plays

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